Maxwell Maltz and Psycho-Cybernetics – A Way to Get More Out of Life

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In 1960, a remarkable book was published by a world-renown plastic surgeon, Maxwell Maltz, MD. In it, he took years of his observations and that of many other doctors that he knew to publish a way to get more out of life. This method was called Psycho-Cybernetics, and it was the title of his best-selling book.

What is this method? It involves changing the self-image to suit one’s desires in life whether they are to succeed financially, gain better health, more confidence or even a younger-looking appearance. The theory he laid out in his book was that when a person changes his or her self-image, life itself begins to turn. This formed the Psycho part of the Cybernetics. The way one’s psychology works has a great deal with the outcome he or she will find over and over in life.

Cybernetics applies to the workings of machines. But, in the sense that Dr. Maltz uses them, these workings are all about the mind and the way one looks at things, frames events and interprets them. The scientific innovation from this book was that one could achieve happiness by making it a habit of thought and behavior more than a mood that comes about from obtaining some object of desire.

It covered methods for changing one’s attitude from failure to success. When failures were reframed, they become stepping stones for success. When one believes in being a success, the mind works to back up the belief. When someone believes they can start a morning ritual, it’s so much easier to do. The book covered many aspects of faith and how it can be changed from one of failure and disappointment to one of success and joy.

Once a person experiences an initial success, the mind will learn to build on the “winning feeling” that it brings. It will work to bring even more success. He developed this method to help plastic surgery patients become happier with their results. He encouraged them to visualize the outcome they wanted and to use cognitive therapy techniques to find the good in the surgery and their lives afterward.

The book has influenced such motivational gurus as Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar. The principles of Psycho-Cybernetics are still used by many athletes. His techniques for overcoming and preventing emotional scarring much the way his patients were told to prevent physical scars are still as applicable and useful today as ever.

How To Build A Morning Ritual For A Better Day And Night!

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When it comes to your health and wellness, it is essential that you consider what you do the entire day. While many folks know that they should get a good night of rest, few think about developing a morning routine that will set them up for success throughout the following 24 hours. If you find yourself scrambling around in the mornings after hitting the snooze button one too many times, you need to create an effective routine!

Several different factors will contribute to the exact steps you take as well as the amount of time you have available to you. However, it is vital that you create a doable routine and then execute it daily. You will find specific things very helpful in your ritual, no matter how much time that you have available.

For instance, dry brushing is a great way to stimulate your blood and lymph systems. This will only take a minute or two but will energize your morning. Find out more about it and remember to always use a natural bristle body brush and to stroke toward your body, not away.

Your morning routine might also include some physical activity. Whether you opt to go for a five-mile run each morning or spend five minutes devoted to a yoga sun salutation, this is another way to help your mind, body, and spirit awaken and prepare you to embrace the day ahead of you.

Minimize some decisions that you must make first thing in the morning by planning. Before you go to sleep each night, you should know what you will wear the following day. Likewise, plan for your breakfast meal so that you don’t have to decide this either. While it might seem like this doesn’t have anything to do with your morning routine, the fact is that it will reduce your morning decision-making burdens and free your energy for more important matters.

When you can build a successful morning ritual that contributes to your health and happiness, you will improve your entire day. Consider developing one for the evening as well to complement the changes you are making to your mornings. Doing so will help you sleep well at night and be able to navigate the things that you encounter each day more successfully!

Why Two Of My Favorite Things Are Cool Cars And Rock Stars

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If you are a fan of sports cars, and also rock stars, different ones have become very popular throughout the decades. These are two things that seem to go together. There is a particular lifestyle that rock stars can live because of the amount of money they can generate. Car companies are always producing new sports cars, from all over the world, and these are desired by people of all different ages. Here are some of the main reasons that I like cool cars and rock stars and some of the more modern vehicles and entertainers over the decades.

Why People Relate To Sports Cars And Rock Stars

Cool cars, typically expensive ones are sports cars, are highly coveted by individuals. They are a symbol of status, one that seems to indicate that you are doing well with your life. People like to be regarded as being successful, or at least have the image of being sold. They might live in a one bedroom apartment, but if they have an incredible sports car, this tends to make people look at them a little bit differently. The same is true for rock stars. People envision becoming one or hanging out with rock stars, people that have seemingly gone to a level above everyone else. They can attract millions of people worldwide, and their songs are played, shifting our culture in the way that we think and believe. To have this power over society is one reason that people like rock stars, but sometimes it is just the music. Often it is the image of the band, and for all of these reasons, people like to associate themselves or dream about, having fast cars and rockstar friends.

Cars And Rock Stars That Have Made A Difference

There are many rock stars that have become famous over the decades. Back in the 70s, it was Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, and Led Zeppelin. The 1980s gave us U2 and Bon Jovi, in the 90s provided us with the music of Nirvana. After the turn of the millennia, bands like Nickelback and Coldplay were top-rated, but after that time, not too many rock stars have come out. The cars that were popular tend to all come from the same manufacturers including Corvette, Mustangs, and the Aerial Atom.

There are so many reasons why I enjoy all of these rock stars and the cars that are so fast and incredibly unique. For some people, they may just enjoy looking at them, but others would prefer going to concerts or driving in these vehicles. However you look at this, it’s all about envisioning something greater than you have now, and these things embody those thoughts. These are two things that will always continue to captivate people worldwide because of what they represent. Although you may like different rock groups that are listed here, or vehicles that are much more classy, there will always be differences of opinion. The key is always to enjoy the music that you like, and dream about the cars that you want to drive, as it gives all of us something to look forward to seeing and listening to, even if we will never be rock stars or people that own expensive sports cars that we can drive.

How Does Being A Musician Teach You About Success And Goal Oriented Living?

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Some people have a natural talent for making music, whether by playing an instrument, singing or both. For others, it doesn’t come so easy. For everyone, being a musician is hard work though because seeing anything through is never easy. What can being a musician teach you about success? Let’s start by saying that music teaches you to believe in yourself.

Just a few simple notes and you could be playing the melody of your favorite song. With the right instruction and a lot of practice, that song and others can start to take shape. You can join in with others and work as a team to bring a performance to fruition. You can write your music, learn how to play multiple instruments and even teach others how to play eventually. The ideas and opportunities with being a musician are endless.

Being a musician gives you confidence. There are times when we don’t have the words for life’s situations. For one reason or another, we might not even have an audience. Music can create that audience. It can give us the confidence to speak up and be heard, to collaborate with others and not to give up.

Music can teach us that we all have talents. It was mentioned that people have natural talents, music sometimes being one of them. That doesn’t mean that being a musician isn’t going to require hard work. It can teach you the importance of practice. You always hear practice makes perfect. Well, it doesn’t make perfect, but it sure makes music.

Being a musician can remind you about the simple things in life. At the same time, it can thrust you onto the grand stage making music in front of an audience. Being a musician can help you deal with your emotions, it can help you communicate with others, and it can drive you to try other things in life for the first time.

Think about the most beautiful sounds you have ever heard. They came from someone making music, whether by playing an instrument, singing or both. Learning how to join in on that type of fun can teach you that anything is possible. We could all use a little extra push to believe in ourselves sometimes. We could all use a little music in our lives. Learning to make our music helps teach us that we are all artists, looking to communicate our thoughts, ideas, goals, and dreams in different ways.

It’s Official! I’ve Started To Blog!

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I’m going to be starting a self-development blog. I’ll use it to track my progress, so I can keep myself accountable. It should be a great way to keep me focused on achieving my goals. Hopefully, I won’t be as tempted to quit if I have to record everything I’m doing.

The benefit to you, dear reader, is that I will show you what works for me and what doesn’t. You will have the ability to learn from my mistakes instead of having to make those mistakes yourself.

Of course, just because something works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. You will have to take what I write with a grain of salt and use your common sense to fit my ideas into your life.

I hope most of what I do can be of use to my readers, though. Part of the reason I’m starting this self-development blog is to help other people. If I just wanted to help myself, I’d keep a journal.

I want to hear about your journeys to self-development as well! Tell me if something I do works in your life. Tell me if something I do doesn’t work for you! I want to know that I have touched another life – that’s one of my self-development goals.