About Me

After years of thinking about it, I’ve finally decided to start a self-development blog in a blog that talks about the importance of going after what you want and what you love. So, for example, I want to change the world, and I’m sure many of you do as well. As for what I love, some of the things are music, cars, family and becoming the best version of myself that I possibly can be.

So, in short, that’s what this blog is going to be about. It’s going to cover basic self-improvement philosophies, tactics, tips, and outlines for how to insert critical success principles into your everyday life. Some of these principles range from habit formation to goal setting and personal nutrition to money management.

I just figured if I’m a student of life the best way to retain information is to try and teach somebody else, so that’s what I hope to do here. I hope you find some of this blog useful and if you do, I hope you share what you learned and what you’ve accomplished with somebody else.