It’s Official! I’ve Started To Blog!

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I’m going to be starting a self-development blog. I’ll use it to track my progress, so I can keep myself accountable. It should be a great way to keep me focused on achieving my goals. Hopefully, I won’t be as tempted to quit if I have to record everything I’m doing.

The benefit to you, dear reader, is that I will show you what works for me and what doesn’t. You will have the ability to learn from my mistakes instead of having to make those mistakes yourself.

Of course, just because something works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. You will have to take what I write with a grain of salt and use your common sense to fit my ideas into your life.

I hope most of what I do can be of use to my readers, though. Part of the reason I’m starting this self-development blog is to help other people. If I just wanted to help myself, I’d keep a journal.

I want to hear about your journeys to self-development as well! Tell me if something I do works in your life. Tell me if something I do doesn’t work for you! I want to know that I have touched another life – that’s one of my self-development goals.